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Unusual gifts - Cherry wood Rune sets and bindrune pendants

Choose a 33 glyph Northumbrian rune set or a bindrune pendant here.

These make unique but inexpensive gifts...

Cherry wood wall plaque

7th century design

One of a variety of designs,some dating back to 7th century and faithfully copied by a 19th century antiquarian.

They are typical of the art of our ancestors who liked to make stylised designs based on animal and marine forms.

Made from highly finished polished Kent cherry wood complete with sealed bark edging and a burned incised design.The back of the plaque has a recess to take a hook or nail  which makes it ideal as a wall decoration.

Size 5" x 5 1/2" (12.5 cms x 14 cms) and 1/2 depth (12 mm)


FREE p&p

The Northumbrian Rune set. 33 runes

Cherry wood runes with carrying bag and instructions


This rune set is handmade from prepared Kent cherry wood with burned glyphs. Every piece is carefully shaped and finally oiled to bring out its natural sheen.

Every set is as unique as the individual branch of the fruit tree it came from.


A set of instructions is included,a cotton carrying bag and an outline of the history and evolution of the Englisc futhorc also the method used for casting the runes and reading them.


Handmade Kent Cherry wood Bindrune on black cord

Bindrune meaning .Protection against evil wishers

This bindrune is made from two strongly protective runes.Eow ( yew) and þorn (Thorn)

The sharpness of the wolf's hook rune and thorn rune are combined to keep ill doers at arms length.

Includes p&p
Cherry wood bindrune -Elk sedge/E?el -Protection of home & Land

Bindrune pendants. An unusual yet inexpensive gift

Bindrune meaning - Protect home and land

The use of bindrunes is recorded in Norse,English and Icelandic literature. These were also

found throughout Finnish and Slavic lands and used by shamans.Two or more runic symbols were combined

to increase their power.These were used to ward off evil and to protect,to increase love and keep the wearer safe from harm.


Price ( includes p&p)
Fantasy Artwork by Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor went to Ravenswood School in Kent with, amongst others, David Bowie and Peter Frampton.

He enjoyed his time in the very first specialised school-based art form from where he progressed to study fine art at Croydon College Of Art.

His paintings have been internationally exhibited and featured on BBC programmes such as Country Tracks and The One Show.He has recently had his work displayed in a feature article in 'Pagan Dawn' magazine.

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